The pK-12 Action Group brings MIT’s unique “Mind and Hand” learning approach beyond the campus to pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 (pK-12) learners and teachers around the world, building upon existing efforts and developing new ones. The Action Group fills a growing need in STEM education by initiating new research, design, and outreach programs that will transform how students learn – and our understanding of how students learn.

According to Professor Angela Belcher, this pK-12 effort acts as a “catalyst to bring people together, not just people at MIT, but people all over the world, to amplify progress, ideas, solutions, and education at all levels.” Our goal is not only to provide access to quality education at scale, but to also “develop communities of the future thinkers and doers of the planet to make the world a better place.” There is such great passion and activity across the campus aimed at enhancing precollege STEM education. “We are now building upon that important foundation to create programs that engage growing numbers of diverse learners and educators through design, research and implementation of educational innovations. This is an exciting time to be actively engaged in this space on campus,” adds Professor Eric Klopfer, who co-chairs the pK-12 Action Group.


MIT has a long and rich tradition of innovation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. This innovation can be readily seen on campus, but this same force has also shaped education off campus. Through classroom technologies, curriculum units, teacher professional development, and learning research, the faculty, staff and students of MIT have sought to improve STEM education broadly beyond campus, with a special emphasis on pre K-12 learning.<

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